Bini Clima | Technology for the comforts


For nearly a century Bini Clima designs, produces and markets ventilation and air conditioning systems by ensuring the quality, reliability and efficiency…


Bini Clima boasts hundreds of plants built and installed in banks, hospitals, institutional, airports, universities, companies and hotels in many countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East …


Bini Clima products were subjected to various laboratory tests at italian and abroad specialized centers to certify cooling capacity, the air flow and noise levels …


The selection of Bini Clima, always at the forefront in the market, relates¬†on three product lines: hydronic terminals, water coolers and air cooled, air-to-air coolers…


Bini Clima offers free software that simulates the dimensionse of the products


Consult the manual of technical support for every problem, or search the nearest service center to you